In version 0.3, my plan is to have the following additional features:
  • Support for non-rectangular shapes, such as lines, circles, ovals, rounded boxes and so forth. All can be animated just as any other element, but each of the two points of the line segment may be animated seperatly.
  • Removing the necessity of giving each object a unique ID (although the option will remain for those who wish to use it).
  • Adding a function to allow an object to be copied.
  • Adding timelines. This is an idea I stole from game-maker: basically, after a certain amount of time elapses (after the time-line is started) an event can be made to occur.
  • Adding the event "onCollision", adding the ability to specify multiple colliders for instances, and having LDK pass the number of that collider to your collision function.

In the distant future, I will add UI elements (such as a slider), support for form elements, ability to create custom movement paths (curved or straight) for objects, isometric and 3D functions, AJAX support, and the simple pre-defined behaviours for objects (such as drag'n'drop).

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