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LDK 0.4!!!
Finally! Every single part of the LDK core has been tweaked and tinkered with, and it's much more easy-to-use now. In addition, drawing is more powerful, animation is more flexible, scenes and colors are easier to work with, and the engine has been extended to include more math, ajax and user-interface functions. Along the way I've also dropped the line-rendering feature in LDK 0.3 as it was just too buggy - I might re-create it later. Open up some of the demos and try it out. LDK has come a long way since v0.1!

Of course, bear in mind that LDK is still under development, so please let me know if you find bugs or have suggestions. I hope you enjoy what I've done so far! (PS thanks to everybody who has helped me out, esp. Tolga for indenting my code!)

New key features
  • All-new animation system, animate color and position separately, move objects by an angle (circular motion) and lots more
  • Scenes reworked so that they're now more seamless and easy to use
  • Color presets mean that you don't need to write lots of code just to get the color red
  • Collision checking is still there (now with less bugs)
  • The input manager is still there
  • Drag and drop objects
  • Math object extensions
  • A simple AJAX function (more is coming...)
  • Much faster ellipse rendering using CSS3 if available
  • Several other minor improvements and tweaks (why the hell did I make you all set text inside a box???)

Why use LDK?
The following are a few advantages of the LDK engine over similar engines out there:
  • It works across all modern browsers
  • It is not based on JQuery or another javascript library (meaning you don't have to learn a new language)
  • LDK has powerful functions for animation, event management and collision
  • Game objects are manipulated using a logical, object-orientated interface
  • The download is smaller than ever before
  • It's free! Why not give it a try?

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